On November 3, 2020, the experts of the SI Center held a meeting with Marina Andreevna Grigorieva, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on Youth Policy and Interaction with Public Organizations of the Government of St. Petersburg. The meeting was held in preparation for the International Online Forum “iDIPLOMATIA: World Youth” – 2020. The Forum is an international platform for intercultural, interfaith and interprofessional dialogue. The main idea of ​​the forum is to unite the intellectual potential of different generations, to exchange meanings to prevent crises and conflicts in the territories and launch creative social scenarios.

During the meeting, the organizers agreed that the current economic, environmental and social problems associated with poverty, extremism, terrorism, social tension are all a consequence of the crisis of the public political system around the world. In these conditions, to maintain peace and stability, it is not enough to hope that the first persons of the states will decide everything. Everyone needs to take their life and our common future into their own hands, take a responsible civil position, helping their states in the formation of a peaceful agenda for the development of territories. A huge role in this is played by direct dialogue from below between representatives of different countries, cultures and confessions for joint search and development of solutions. Therefore, it is very significant that at the online forum representatives from different countries will talk about the real agenda that is relevant for their countries, their professional, social and social activities.

During the meeting, Marina Andreevna shared her views on the importance of youth policy, its system-forming role in the development of any state. She noted the importance of conducting international dialogue and intercultural exchange and not succumbing to information provocations and fake news that alienate the population of different countries from each other. She emphasized that the Committee for Youth Policy and Interaction with Public Organizations of the Government of St. Petersburg is open for cooperation with representatives of different countries and is ready to launch positive youth projects that unite us.

International online forum “iDIPLOMATIA: Youth of the World” will be held on November 19, 2020. Specialists, scientists from various fields of knowledge, working youth, public organizations and associations, youth media, students and university staff – and all those who are interested in the peaceful and sustainable development of the future are invited to participate in the event. Project website is https://idiplomatia.ru/.