On October 27, 2020, in preparation for the International Online Forum “iDIPLOMATIA: World Youth”, the experts of the SI Center held a dialogue with their colleague and expert Waddah Al-Jundi, Director of the Center for Russian-Syrian Cooperation. The topic of discussion was the role of people’s diplomacy in the modern world. Waddah Al-Jundi spoke about this on the example of the participation of public figures – representatives of Russia and Syria in the settlement of the Syrian crisis. In particular, how important is the participation of the population and experts from different countries in describing the objective situation on the territory, in building a dialogue where states and armies are powerless. The participants in the conversation made a special emphasis on the need for interaction between experts and young people from different countries to develop campaigns for the peaceful development of territories: “Today it is everyone’s duty, because in fact there is a war (informational) against the territories and population of states, and it is necessary to combine efforts.”